Re: Documentation and Reviews.

I'm working on the DocBook pages now, but I have a couple questions. First
of all, I want to verify that the files I'm supposed to be working on are
located in gnome-libs/devel-docs. That's what I started working on. The
other thing is that if I run db2html on any of the sgml files in there
(say in devel-docs/gnomeui/tmpls) then it spews out a couple pages worth
of errors and the resulting html file has nothing but the
Short_Description section in it. Does this mean that all the sgml files in
that directory are bad or am I using the wrong stylesheets package or
something? I downloaded all the prebuilt rpm files from Cygnus's DocBook
directory, and I have tetex 1.0.5 installed.


On Sun, 4 Jul 1999, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> If people just *finish* the Docbook manuals, then we get manual pages
> for free basically.  One of DocBook original goals was to provide man
> pages.  It is just a matter of some tweaking here and there to get it
> to work.

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