Re: Documentation and Reviews.

> What are the necessary tools I need to download in order to produce html
> version of docs and to work on sgml docs?  DocBook, Jade, tetex?  Can
> anyone point me to a page?

You need two things:

1. Docbook information:

Docbook packages

2. Gtk-doc

I do not think this is available from anywhere but from the GNOME CVS,
you need to pull module "gtk-doc" and compile the tools.

Now, to create the docs you do:

cd gnome-libs/devel-docs
for dir in gnome gnomeui zvt gnorba; do
   (cd $dir; make sgml; make html; make install)

Basically what happens when you do "make sgml" is that the code merges
the $dir/tmpl/stuff.sgml with the source code in ../lib$dir/stuff.c
and generates a valid DocBook sgml file.

This is cool because we keep the API documentation on the C source
code, and we only provide examples and detailed explanations on the
"template" file.

Then the "make html" process basically invokes the DocBook tools to
convert an SGML file to an HTML file.

Sounds good?


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