Re: Documentation and Reviews.

Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> You need two things:
> 1. Docbook information:
> Docbook packages

I downloaded and installed all the docbook/sgml/psgml RPMs.

> 2. Gtk-doc
> I do not think this is available from anywhere but from the GNOME CVS,
> you need to pull module "gtk-doc" and compile the tools.
> Now, to create the docs you do:
> cd gnome-libs/devel-docs
> for dir in gnome gnomeui zvt gnorba; do
>    (cd $dir; make sgml; make html; make install)
> done;
> Basically what happens when you do "make sgml" is that the code merges
> the $dir/tmpl/stuff.sgml with the source code in ../lib$dir/stuff.c
> and generates a valid DocBook sgml file.
> This is cool because we keep the API documentation on the C source
> code, and we only provide examples and detailed explanations on the
> "template" file.
> Then the "make html" process basically invokes the DocBook tools to
> convert an SGML file to an HTML file.
> Sounds good?

Sounds great.  Except that I'd need to run first to generate the
Makefiles, right? And when I tried doing that, I ran into a whole bunch of
warnings and error messages referring to INTLLIBS and stuff like that and
finally an error about GNOME_INIT something (I don't have that in front of me
right now, but I sent a message to the list last night with the output from

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