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I'm definitely not an authority on what should/should not be included in the

Perhaps you could explain to be what bonobo is, how it is related to the
editor interface and why you want to use the Persist* interfaces.

Any kind of get_text routines should be able to:
- grab the entire buffer i.e. get_all
- grab subsections of the buffer i.e. get_text(start,end)
- grab convenient portions of the buffer i.e. get_line(pos),
get_lines(start,end), get_word(pos), etc.

I don't know how position referencing should be done.  A simple character
index is easy to implement, but sometimes hard to work with.  Something like
Tk's Text widget referencing may be useful.  Or maybe a combination of both.

If you want to do scripting, you're going to need some kind of events
generated from the editor when keys are pressed.


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> Hi,
> I'm gonna try and stirr up the dead Desktop::Editor discussion
> again, since dryad is actually going to use it, so we better
> come up with something we can all live with soon.
> Open questions:
> 1) Do we or do we not want to depend on bonobo (i.e. do we want
> to use the Persist* interfaces) I'm leaning towards yes, but
> miguel has some problems with this. Miguel, could you explain
> why you don't want this?
> 2) How to improve get_text. I could really use some input on
> this :)
> 3) If we want to be able to do editor scripting through the
> interface, what do we need apart from insert/remove/search/replace
> functionality?
> cya,
> Martijn
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> Martijn van Beers
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