Re: GNOME panel "menu" applet

On Mon, 19 Jul 1999, Augusto Cesar Radtke wrote:

>On Mon, 19 Jul 1999, Tom Gilbert wrote:
>> I've always preffered a simple text-file menu system. Much easier to
>> manipulate with simple scripts/programs, easier to update/fiddle with, and
>> you can do cool things with pre-parsers (see enlightenment).
>I agree with you, but have one problem with simple text-file menu system,
>need to be very good structured to be easy to add/remove items. If you
>don't have utils apps to add/remove/edit items, will be very hard to
>insert/remove items. ie. you are installing a new rpm, how the scripts
>will install the menu item for this application?

Fair point. I didn't think of this. Redhat get around this by using
wmconfig, which converts a directory full of files (one per app) into a
flat-file menu for various wms, not a pleasant solution to maintain.

I personally edit my enlightenment menus by hand, and so hadn't considered
app installs.

PS. Just installed gnumeric, it put an icon under my Applications menu
during make install...
Kind of proves you right there... :-)

Would still like some way of including program output in menus though...

>> I definitely would like to see the "personal" menu combined transparently
>> with the "global" menu. Why should I have two Applications menus, two
>> Image Editor menus, two Internet Menus etc.
>> I don't care whether I, or a sysadmin installed the software, I don't want
>> that sort of menu duplication.
>> Also, many people do *not* use Gnome in a true multiuser environment, and
>> therefore do not distinguish between "user" and "global".
>> If a menu item in my ~/.gnome/apps has the same name as one in
>> /usr/share/gnome/apps, I want my personal entry instead of the global one.
>> This allows users without root priviliges to personalise the pre-existing
>> menu items.
>Sounds a good idea.
>   -augusto

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