Re: GNOME Sound Server, was Re: GNOME sounds - which componenthandles this?

On Thu, 22 Jul 1999, Cody Russell wrote:

> I wasn't implying that GNOME will ever use the ALSA daemon; it won't, as
> far as I know. I told Elliot about the ALSA daemon, he talked to the ALSA
> guys and then decided he wants to aim for something a little different but
> said the ALSA guys had cool ideas that would be useful for the GNOME sound
> daemon. I was just mentioning the ALSA project as a side note; however, as
> far as I know the ALSA daemon won't be dependent upon ALSA, or so I'm
> told. I was told that they're planning for it to also support OSS, and I
> would presume that any hacker can add other sound APIs to the daemon.

More one reason to make a integrated sound system, if all GNOME
applications use a integrated GNOME sound server, when a new sound API
become, we only need to add the support for this API in the sound server,
if we don't have a sound server, all applications need to be updated to
support this imaginarie new API.


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