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Subject: __panel widget as library?

> > The notepad would be part of your desktop. The notepad text would be
> > internally into the desktop file via bonobo. 
> I understand the concept, but still do not see the benefits over having 
> Er...  Isn't this like Mickysoft's Active Desktop?  The thing that nobody 
> uses and everybody wishes would go away?  It sounds like a really cool 
> idea, but I think it is just really cool in thought, but not in 
> practice... 

Why not just have the possibility to dock an application to the root window?

I do not know so much about X-Windows programming, but you are able to run
X-lock in the root window, why not other applications? 

I dont know if you can have more then one program locking the desktop. 

I would not like my desktop to be an Html browser all the time ( like the M$
active desk ), but being able to run something, sometime, in the root, might
be nice.

Wouldnt be nessissary. You would only get a mozilla bonobo object on your
desktop if you place one there. 

 It does at least look impressive to run a screensaver as wallpaper when M$
people come to visit ;) 

Btw. Does GTK+ or Gnomelib contain a "docking" widget somewhere? Like, a
widget where you could dock any kind of topmost window, or at least a
special kind of topmost window. 

Gtk has a plug/socket that does that I think you would be able to run one "container" application, and then let a
user add "plugin" applications. Like tearable menus, but with complete
applications instead... 

Why not just use bonobo? 

// Liss  


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