:= panel widget as library?

Title: := panel widget as library?

> > Why not just have the possibility to dock an application to the root window?
> >
> > I do not know so much about X-Windows programming, but you are able to run
> > X-lock in the root window, why not other applications? 
> I dont know if you can have more then one program locking the desktop. 

Ok. Was just thinking of some small non-gnome applications...

> > ...so you would be able to run one "container" application, and then let a
> > user add "plugin" applications. Like tearable menus, but with complete
> > applications instead... 
> Why not just use bonobo? 

Well, I just wanted to know if the work was allready done.

Just in case I was missunderstood. I did ask if I could make a dockable window, belonging to one application, and drop it into another application. And the dockable window would sit there (not turning into an icon or something), behaving like a child control, until I grabbed it and pulled it away.

And the "container" would be notifyed about the docked thing.

Do bonobo provide this functionality, or do I have to write the DnD thing about the window?
I do believe that the panel behaves a bit like this, right?

( I'm really sorry if I'm asking stupid things, but I havn't been able to run gnome for several months, so I havn't been able to see for myself. Hardware problems, and perhaps library problems too, if anyone happened to be interested... Last time I run Gnome, it did *not* work the way I was asking for. )

// Liss

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