GNOME plans

Hello GNOME users-developers-and-loyal-fans,

GNOME development hasn't been very focused, we aren't making quite as fast
progress as is possible, and some bugs are still lingering. I've discussed
it with Miguel, the other RHAD hackers gave lots of impetus to the plane,
and the gnome-hackers seem to be in agreement with it, so now I put it to
you for consideration.

			GNOME 1.0.50 Plan

(The versioning scheme is entirely arbitrary. Let's focus on getting
things done rather than discussing versions. :-)

		. There may be problems persuading people to work towards
		  this goal.
		. We may not be able to test the release sufficiently.

		. gnome-libs
		. gnome-core
		. gnome-media
		. gnome-utils
		. mc
		. control-center
		. gnome-games
		. gnome-http
		. libgtop
		. I've probably missed a package or two.

	Order of events:
		. Now: Tell everyone what the plan is.
		. Then make 1.0.40 release.
		. Next make 1.0.4x releases as needed.
		. Finally GNOME 1.0.50 (release, make branch in CVS).

	. You are the creative people, I'm sure you know what needs doing... :)

Possible End user TODO:
	. Find & report bugs.
	. Write documentation

Possible Developer TODO:
	. Fix bugs.
	. Write documentation.

Possible QA TODO:
	. Make a list of outstanding bugs for each package in question,
	  with prioritization.
	. Interface between and the people fixing bugs.
	. Make regular status reports.
	. Create a testing procedure for each package and each bug.
	. Coordinate with package maintainers for package releases.
	. Check that bug fixes solve reported problems.

What is a bug (for purposes of this release)?
	Program crashes or otherwise fails to complete requested operation.

	g_(warning|assert|error|return_if_*fail) seen.

Possibilities for finding them
	Have gnome-libs automatically send e-mail to QA person when a
	strange signal or warning is encountered.

	Contacting random GNOME users and asking for problem reports.

	First-hand testing (random, exhaustive, whatever).

I'm going to try to help out with QA tasks as much as possible - if
there's any way I can help you get this release to where it needs to be,
please let me know.

Your comments are appreciated, your assistance is requested.
-- Elliot
Who me? I just wander from room to room.

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