Re: GNOME plans (--> mail clients) said:
> I would suggest that while GNOME seems to have a lot of effort
> directed towards the development of good mail client, it's awfully
> unfocused -- on the app list there are something like **five**
> different GNOME mail clients. gnome-mailer was an attempt to address
> this but doesn't have a whole lot of momentum. 

The standing joke is that we should add a 'irc client' widget to glade
so people can get the urge to write yet another one out of their blood fast :)

Seriously though, given the nature of open source development you have to 
understand that people are going to generally work on what they personally 
find interesting. They don't have the luxury of lots of time to work on
projects. Nonetheless, alot of cool development comes from this large group of 
important contributors.

Most projects appear to work best following the snowball theory. You need
enough of a snowball to start with so you can get all the people who
join in to stick with it.  Hopefully someone with alot of time will develop 
enough of a mailer that other people can step in and help complete it.

Dr Mike

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