gnorba stuff

I noticed that laodshlib.c had a nifty bug from some 3 days old cvs version: 
loadshlib.c main function checks to see whether the right parameters were 
passed on the command line but it does so after the orb was initialized. If 
the check is unsuccessful, i prints something on the screen calls some *popt* 
function to dump something on the screen.. This call to the popt function 
segfaults on my pc and anyway, i don't undestand why the check against the 
command line parameters is done after having initialized the orb. anyone ever 
experienced this ? or i missed something ?

Last, i was simply wondering why gnorba makes sure that all the servers it 
will launch use the same orb object ( it seems to me that all servers started 
by goad_server_activate* receive the orb ior as a parameter) ? Is this really 
necessary that all objects talking use the same orb object  ? This question 
is perhaps stupid but... 

Also: i forgot something: what is this Table interface described in 
gnome-libs/idl ? what is it used for ?

Any answer will be apreciated.

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