Where to start ... and how to end?


I sent this mail to the ORBit list, but it seem's like there
is not very much activity, so maybe I'm more lucky here...

I'm fairly new to CORBA and ORBit and am looking for a place
to start reading about details. I found the 'ORBIT for beginners',
but besides of giving two small examples, it doesn't tell very

I have the CORBA book by Jon Siehel, which tells too much.

A pointer too some good docs or a book reference would be
highly appriciated. Also the info of this list is archived
somewhere and if yes, where may be helpfull.
Besides of this general stuff I have a very concrete question.
I have a server with multiple CORBA modules and like to have the
option to quit this server by a clients request. This comes down
to the question: 'How do I exit the CORBA_orb_run function from
a method call if there is more than one active module?
Bodo Bauer               bb@zenguin.com
Zenguin, Inc.            Simplicity in Linux Applications 
http://www.zenguin.com   http://skaro.nightcrawler.com/~bb

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