This was going to be a "new IDL compiler is done" announcement, but I
figured I should go ahead and make a proper release. 0.4.90 also has other
misc changes - see the NEWS file.


I'd really appreciate it if people could bang on the new IDL compiler;
there are bugs waiting to be found.

The ORBit in CVS now builds & installs the new IDL compiler as the default

What the new IDL compiler does:
	Handles all those "weird" data types like struct foo { sequence<long> a[2][3]; };
	that the old one didn't.

	Should go faster, especially for complex data types (alloca rocks!).

	Should work more sanely in general.

	Easier to add new optimizations.

	Theoretically easier to add new language bindings to (this aspect
	needs work, but it's better than the previous one).

As soon as the opportunity presents, I do want to break the backwards
compatibility of the stubs with ORBit 0.4.[0-3], but for now they should
work fine with existing ORBit libraries.

All the GNOME CVS stuff I have checked out on my machine compiles, links,
and seems to run fine.

-- Elliot
Why are the masses always unwashed?

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