RE: minor gnumeric config problem

     Yes, this bit me too, installing under Solaris (I actually got a
     "usage" message, not a "command not found"). The "offending"
     package is ORBit, and the workaround is to configure orbit with
        ./configure --disable-indent
     (which I found by reading configure, not by reading README :-)

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Subject: minor gnumeric config problem
Author:  "Mark Galassi" [] at Internet
Date:    3/10/99 6:04 AM

Either gnumeric or ORBit (I'm not looking closely right now) assumes 
that the user has "indent" installed on her system.
     orbit-idl -I`/usr/bin/gnome-config --datadir`/idl ./Gnumeric.idl sh: 
     indent: command not found
     make[2]: *** [Gnumeric.h] Broken pipe

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