grabbing keystrokes from gnome-terminal

hi, for the guile macros hack i'm trying to have a scheme function be
executed ever time a key is pressed and another callback for when a
character is displayed on the screen.

i already have the callback mechanism working for mouse clicks like so:

	gtk_signal_connect (GTK_OBJECT (app->contents),
		some_function, NULL);

however, replacing "button_press_event" by "key_release_event" (or
"key_press_event") doesn't work at all.  the function doesn't get
called at all.

what is the best way to have a callback be called every time a key is
hit and when a character is printed on the ZVT?  so far, the
information i have at my disposal when i call gtk_signal_connect() is
the a ZvtTerm* and the GnomeApp*.

should this be done through a zvt_?? function call or through some
other signaling mechanism?

newbie out.


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