Re: grabbing keystrokes from gnome-terminal

On 11 Mar 1999, Aldy Hernandez wrote:
> however, replacing "button_press_event" by "key_release_event" (or
> "key_press_event") doesn't work at all.  the function doesn't get
> called at all.

I think some X servers don't ever send key release events, so you might
want to avoid those. Just a rumor from the Xlib book however I don't know
how common it is.

What if you approach this differently: provide an interface to the
GtkAccelGroup on the GnomeApp. Then people can change the accelerators
there. Perhaps that's not as flexible though.

If you want to let people do magic based on text that appears in the
terminal, it would make sense to me to let Zvt do its "preprocessing"
first (look at the key event handler in zvtterm.c), then add some sort of
hook to zvt so that the Guile module can get the preprocessed character

I realize I'm not answering the question you asked. :-)
Hope it's helpful anyway.


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