Re: grabbing keystrokes from gnome-terminal

>>>>> "Havoc" == Havoc Pennington <> writes:

 > If you want to let people do magic based on text that appears in the
 > terminal, it would make sense to me to let Zvt do its "preprocessing"
 > first (look at the key event handler in zvtterm.c), then add some sort of
 > hook to zvt so that the Guile module can get the preprocessed character

Hmmmm, Miguel had mentioned that he wanted to leave gnome-terminal
and friends pretty much unadultered so perhaps having an expect type
interface is not as plausible as expected.

Now that I think of it-- is an expect like interface really that
useful?  Do we need to do magic on text that appears on the screen or
a point and click interface enough... Like this:

     (define (context text)
	(cond ((terminal-regex text "http://[a-zA-Z0-9\.-/~%=]*")
	       (gnome-url ...))
	      ((terminal-regex text "ftp://.......")
	       (gnome-ftp ...))
	etc etc)
     (terminal-trigger-on-click '(control shift) 'left-button context)


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