Re: Roadmap, MC and component model


>I propose a repository of objects, stored in a hierarchical
>directory-like fashion.  This repository might be local or remote, and
>like any directory service we can navigate through it using a path
>consisting of names of directories, until we reach the object we want.
>The objects are stateful and their state is persistent like (but not
>necessarily the same as) files within a directory structure.

Ok, well, what you propose is, IMHO, known as 'structured storage' and it is
implemented by Microsoft to provide hierarchical storage for OLE ( or is it
ActiveX ). It is also used by a variety of vendors for other things, like
the FlashPix image file format.

Actually, if structured storage was implemented in a way that it supported
MS structured storage that would considerably simplify creating import /
export tools for Microsoft file types ( i.e.. gwp could possibly read Word
documents ). The implementation could then be extended to offer additional
features that are beneficial to Bonobo.


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