Re: Roadmap, MC and component model

Hi Kristoph,

On Fri, 12 Mar 1999, Kristoph A. Cichocki-Romanov wrote:
> Ok, well, what you propose is, IMHO, known as 'structured storage' and it is
> implemented by Microsoft to provide hierarchical storage for OLE ( or is it
> ActiveX ). It is also used by a variety of vendors for other things, like
> the FlashPix image file format.

Thanks for the pointer - I will look into it.  I know next to nothing
about any of Microsoft's technology - do you have any references I can
look at for this?  (especially online ones - books cost money!)

> Actually, if structured storage was implemented in a way that it supported
> MS structured storage that would considerably simplify creating import /
> export tools for Microsoft file types ( i.e.. gwp could possibly read Word
> documents ). The implementation could then be extended to offer additional
> features that are beneficial to Bonobo.

Well, I am in favour of import/export of Microsoft's or anybody else's
documents/files/components, and I think it's useful to look at other
similar concepts to learn how and where they are effective and where they
are flawed, but it is not currently my aim to explicitly support any
particular approach/technology.  If it can be done without compromising
its usefulness to Gnome or its generality, then why not?

-- Duncan Pierce  (

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