The improved gmenu is ready!

I am ready to merge in the gmenu_internal_overhaul branch
of gnome-core/gmenu.

The changes include:

- Fixes many bugs.
- Adds drag and drop of menuitems to the panel, desktop, gnome-terminal,
  etc. (middle mouse button)
- Adds a right click menu.
- Sets a default icon and sets the focus to the name field on new items.
- Only allows editing of fields that logically apply to an item.
- Allows the '/' character in menu names.

The only thing not covered in the branch is that the would need
updating as well, since a few files have been added and removed. Is this just
a matter of adding/removing the necessary files to/from ?

I hope that the result would be a more stable and slightly improved menu

I ask for the ok on this, and (embarrassingly) how to merge into HEAD?

John Ellis <>

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