Re: grabbing keystrokes from gnome-terminal

>>>>> "James" == James Henstridge <> writes:

 > What is the contents in the app structure?  Is it the ZvtTerm widget or
 > some other container? (it is probably a container, since there is a

Sorry, app is of GnomeApp type, if that helps.  I can deduce the
ZvtTerm from the GnomeApp thanks to Miguel's routines.

 > event is passed on to the parent and so on.  If the ZvtTerm is handling
 > the events, the parent widgets will never see them.

That's most likely the case.

 > So the best solution is to connect the signal handlers directly to the
 > ZvtTerm widget.

Hmmmm, now I'm going to have to figure out how to do this exactly ;-).



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