Re: guile gnome-terminal macros take 2

 > Ok, I have done this to the CVS gnome-terminal.  Now a bunch of entry
 > points do not have a static prefix.

 > Also new_terminal and new_terminal_cmd return the toplevel GnomeApp
 > widget (useful for when you call close_terminal).

Oh, bless your heart!  This makes things much easier.  It sure beats
trying to do data structure gymnastics to get things done.

[more minutes later]

Now there are a few prototypes missing since gnome-terminal no longer
compiles ;-).  Here is the patch for the cvs version.


--- gnome-terminal.c.bak	Mon Mar 15 21:18:28 1999
+++ gnome-terminal.c	Mon Mar 15 21:26:33 1999
@@ -124,11 +124,20 @@
 	int changed;
 } preferences_t;
-static void new_terminal (GtkWidget *widget, ZvtTerm *term);
 static void parse_an_arg (poptContext state,
 			  enum poptCallbackReason reason,
 			  const struct poptOption *opt,
 			  const char *arg, void *data);
+void close_terminal_cmd (void *unused, void *data);
+void preferences_cmd (GtkWidget *widget, ZvtTerm *term);
+void color_cmd (void);
+void show_menu_cmd (GtkWidget *widget, ZvtTerm *term);
+void hide_menu_cmd (GtkWidget *widget, ZvtTerm *term);
+void paste_cmd (GtkWidget *widget, ZvtTerm *term);
+GtkWidget *new_terminal (GtkWidget *widget, ZvtTerm *term);
+GtkWidget *new_terminal_cmd (char **cmd, struct terminal_config *cfg_in, gchar *geometry);
 static void
 about_terminal_cmd (void)

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