Re: New Project Proposal (or not..)

> XML support is being added in Thot but the piece of code is not currently
> very well supported. Some collegues at W3C maintains the parts needed for
> Amaya though. The code has some problems  (a bit bloated, large sections
> are only commented in French, and it still uses Motif), but this is a 
> serious code base to build upon. I would personally take an axe and cut
> a bunch of things from the code base (I did work on Amaya and on Thot
> for more than 2 years) in order to cleanup some part of it. Moving to
> GTK widgets would be #1 in my schedule :-)

As far as I can remember, Nabil told me that Inria was going to hire
someone within a month to port the code to GTK.


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