Re: Gnome developer questions

Try typing gnome-config --help.  Gnome-config can do a lot more than
gtk-config.  It can print out the CFLAGS and LIBS for any of the libraries
in gnome-libs, and print combinations.  You probably want:
  gnome-config --libs gnomeui
  gnome-config --cflags gnomeui

Using gnome-config like this, you should be able to write makefiles as
simply as the ones you were using for your gtk program.

Also, you shouldn't need to be compiling from within the gnome source
tree.  I have compiled many applications from outside my CVS checkout tree
without problems.

However, there are some parts of gnome that assume that you are installing
the application into the gnome install prefix.  If you find instances of
this, which bother you, please post your problems to the list (patches are
also welcome :)



On Thu, 27 May 1999, Eric Harlow wrote:

> I'm making the jump from GTK+ to Gnome and had a few questions after
> trying to get a simple gnome application to compile from scratch. 
> Answers greatly appreciated. 
> 1 - Examples don't compile well when not in the gnome-lib tree.  I
> don't think it's reasonable to expect people to be building their
> applications in gnome-libs or within the gnome tree.  Maybe there's a
> reason for it, but I didn't find anything about why this is so.
> 2 - Hello world - ack!
> Ok, I'm not a autoconf fan yet.  I like nice simple makefiles.  GTK+
> was nice and easy since it did the compile flags and link flags with
> the gtk-config program.  Making developers learn autoconf seems
> a bit much.  Is autoconf going to be required learning for making Gnome
> applications?   Will we be able to create a hello world Gnome
> application with a makefile under 10 lines?
> 3 - Is gnome-config supposed to work?
> `gnome-config --libs` doesn't work like `gtk-config --libs`  Actually,
> I get no output.  Maybe I expected it to build the library list
> required to link a gnome application.  Is it supposed to?
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