Re: Gnome developer questions

On Thu, May 27, 1999 at 08:51:13PM -0700, Eric Harlow wrote:
> I'm making the jump from GTK+ to Gnome and had a few questions after
> trying to get a simple gnome application to compile from scratch. 
> Answers greatly appreciated. 
> 1 - Examples don't compile well when not in the gnome-lib tree.  I
> don't think it's reasonable to expect people to be building their
> applications in gnome-libs or within the gnome tree.  Maybe there's a
> reason for it, but I didn't find anything about why this is so.
This is a good point, especially for people who use a packaged 
distribution of Gnome, as opposed to building from source (e.g. RedHat

> 3 - Is gnome-config supposed to work?
> `gnome-config --libs` doesn't work like `gtk-config --libs`  Actually,
> I get no output.  Maybe I expected it to build the library list
> required to link a gnome application.  Is it supposed to?
It works, but isn't identical to gtk-config.  You need to tell it which
of the gnome libs you want (same for --cflags).  Type 'gnome-config --help'
for more information.


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