Gnome developer questions

I'm making the jump from GTK+ to Gnome and had a few questions after
trying to get a simple gnome application to compile from scratch. 
Answers greatly appreciated. 

1 - Examples don't compile well when not in the gnome-lib tree.  I
don't think it's reasonable to expect people to be building their
applications in gnome-libs or within the gnome tree.  Maybe there's a
reason for it, but I didn't find anything about why this is so.

2 - Hello world - ack!
Ok, I'm not a autoconf fan yet.  I like nice simple makefiles.  GTK+
was nice and easy since it did the compile flags and link flags with
the gtk-config program.  Making developers learn autoconf seems
a bit much.  Is autoconf going to be required learning for making Gnome
applications?   Will we be able to create a hello world Gnome
application with a makefile under 10 lines?

3 - Is gnome-config supposed to work?
`gnome-config --libs` doesn't work like `gtk-config --libs`  Actually,
I get no output.  Maybe I expected it to build the library list
required to link a gnome application.  Is it supposed to?
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