Re: GnomeCanvasPixbuf and GdkPixbuf

On Wed Nov 03, 1999 at 03:30:32PM -0500, Federico Mena Quintero wrote:
> Dear hackers,
> GdkPixbuf's loaders are almost done, thanks to the excellent work by
> Havoc, Jonathan, DrMike, and Elliot.
> I just finished implementing the GnomeCanvasPixbuf item.  This is
> intended to replace GnomeCanvasImage.  It uses GdkPixbufs instead,
> with proper reference counting, and it supports full affine
> transformations in both Gdk and antialiased modes.  It is rather cool :-)
> I would appreciate it if people could bang on GdkPixbuf and
> GnomeCanvasPixbuf.  I will make a new release of the gdk-pixbuf module
> by the end of the week.

So would now be a good time to convert gnomehack from 
using GdkImlibImages and GnomeCanvasImages?  I'd be
glad to get rid of the imlib-wierdness workarounds.

What libs do I need to make it go?  How close are these
to being released?


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