Re: GnomeCanvasPixbuf and GdkPixbuf

>  So would now be a good time to convert gnomehack from 
>  using GdkImlibImages and GnomeCanvasImages?  I'd be
>  glad to get rid of the imlib-wierdness workarounds.
>  What libs do I need to make it go?  How close are these
>  to being released?

I will put out a new gdk-pixbuf release by the end of the week.  The
loaders need a bit of tweaking.

Gdk-pixbuf will eventually get folded back into gnome-libs, but you
should not depend on a development version of gnome-libs.  If you
decide to use the gdk-pixbuf library by itself, it is up to your users
to install it separately.

I am using Gdk-pixbuf for the Eye of Gnome, and it seems to work
well.  YMMV.


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