Component on a pixmap.


This is one of those "quick questions" ( read : lazy programmer, that
doesn't wan't to examine the interiour code of bonobo... :)
and my question is:

"How do a bonobo containee render itself on the screen?"

What I wan't to know is if a containee will render itself upon
a) it's own window/buffer/visual
b) directly upon the container's window/buffer/visual
c) on some shared buffer that is passed on to the container
d) nothing, it's the container that preforms some magic to draw the

The reason to my question is that I want to let a bonobo component render
itself upon some buffer that I can use as a pixmap later ( as a texture
actually )...
I *believe* that it can be done, but I don't know on what level I have to
implement it.

// Liss
ps. This might be a gdk question, rather than a Gnome one. In that case I
beg thee of pardon... :)

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