On the future of Glade

I've noticed that there's been no real progress on Glade for a while. 
Mainly, I think there needs to be some sort of new release as more and 
more programs are beginning to utilize it.

I remember there was the plan on moving away from the lookup_widget to a 
better method of storing information (structs? I forgot) - There are also 
some neat things that I think can be incorporated into Glade, mainly the 
integration with your 'gEditor' (set in the control-panel) - What would 
be REALLY cool, is if I could add a signal, and then click 'Edit' and it 
would load up vim so I can start working directly on that callback (i.e. 
it will be at the exact position of that function) (wasn't there a patch 
like this but it would bring up Xemacs). 

Also it'd be nice if the new method for organizing the widgets could come 
out so people stop using the lookup_widget and going to the new scheme 
(I assume lookup_widget will remain for backwards compatibility)?

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