Re: On the future of Glade

Ali Abdin wrote:
> I've noticed that there's been no real progress on Glade for a while.
> Mainly, I think there needs to be some sort of new release as more and
> more programs are beginning to utilize it.
> I remember there was the plan on moving away from the lookup_widget to a
> better method of storing information (structs? I forgot) - There are also
> some neat things that I think can be incorporated into Glade, mainly the
> integration with your 'gEditor' (set in the control-panel) - What would
> be REALLY cool, is if I could add a signal, and then click 'Edit' and it
> would load up vim so I can start working directly on that callback (i.e.
> it will be at the exact position of that function) (wasn't there a patch
> like this but it would bring up Xemacs).
> Also it'd be nice if the new method for organizing the widgets could come
> out so people stop using the lookup_widget and going to the new scheme
> (I assume lookup_widget will remain for backwards compatibility)?

There will be a new release in a few days, but it is mainly bug fixes.

I'm a bit busy with other things at the moment, so I haven't got much time
to spend on Glade. But other people are more than welcome to work on these
features. It is about time we had support for editing code, maybe with a
simple internal editor (for GTK+) and external Corba plugins (for Gnome).
The signals page of the property editor also needs to be changed into
something like Delphi's events page.


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