As I stated in a previous post, the configuration capplets for
gnome-hint and gnome-panel aren't installed witht he RPMs I have.  When
I try to build from a tarball, I get error messages about not beiong
able to find capplet-widget.h.  I have both gnome-libs-0.54 RPM and
tarball, and neither make any difference.  I am using the gnome-core-1.1
tarball (the RPM from had the bug).

How do I fix this?  I was told that the version of gnome-core-1.1 from
CVS worked, but I can't seem to get the 1.1 version of gnome-core from
CVS.  What command do I use to retrieve it?  or even better, is there a
way I can fix the missing header file problem without downloading
another multi-meg tarball?

Sean Middleditch

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