gdk-pixbuf port status, help wanted


I'm porting gnome-libs to gdk-pixbuf in the "gdk-pixbuf-port" branch. 
I've finished GnomeStock and GnomePixmap conversions, and the build mostly
works. However stuff is commented out of the Makefile. Here's what needs

 - port GnomeAnimator
 - make GnomeCalculator refcount its font image and free it when
 - port GnomeDruid to use GnomeCanvasPixbuf instead of GnomeCanvasImage
   (GnomeCanvasPixbuf is in the gdk-pixbuf directory)
 - move in the new icon list, move out the old one
 - port GnomeColorPicker
 - port GnomeIconEntry
 - port GnomeIconSel to new icon list
 - fix the _demo programs that don't work
 - ZvtTerm needs to have its transparency code rewritten sans Imlib
 - some compatibility library stuff (probably after merging the branch)
 - GnomeStock and/or GnomePixmap don't quite work :-)

This is lots of work, so if someone wants to check out this branch and fix
something I'd be very grateful.

FYI for hackers on this: GdkPixbuf objects are reference counted, they are
created with a count of 1, and GnomePixmap/GnomeStock add a reference
rather than assuming a reference when you pass them a GdkPixbuf.


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