Cavas Performance

As I started before, I'm writing a GTK/GNOME based Role-Playing Games
based on an old text-based roguelike I made.  I want to use some
REALLY nice graphics (I have a great DOS based pseudo-3D engine I was
going to port: it's perfect for my needs).  The only method of embedding
graphics into an app that I can find is the canvas (I've heard of an
OpenGL widget, but I don't know OpenGL, and I've never been able to get
Mesa to build right for my nVidia card).

So, if I use the canvas, is it easily possible for me to build a graphic
and post it onto the canvas (the engine will render to a memory buffer,
then send to the canvas).  How would I do this?  Is there an easy to use
Imlib and other standard GTK/GNOME graphics libraries for loading the

 And second, is the canvas capable of this kind of performance?  I know
a lot of games use Glide or some other game SDK for Linux/X11, but none
of these are compatible with GTK.  Or if they are, which ones, and how
do I use them (for example, I'm a fan of ClanLib, but I don't see how I
could imbed it in a window with GTK widgets).

Sean Middleditch

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