Re: Why not to split gmc and other gnome applications into threads?

>  I think it would be better to have each gmc window as a separate process.
>  Ok that would be a little bit more expensive, but it would pay. They could
>  then communicate with some back-end that coordinated them. Then any app
>  would be able to connect to that back-end and ask it to fire up a
>  gmc-window, or icon-box (As in the root-window case) inside some of (its)
>  (existing) X window... That, I think would be much easier to implement,
>  since it would only requere to replace all code in gmc that handles the
>  creation of a new window, with some backend-communication code, and to
>  create a back-end.

Right now MC lets you create new directory windows via its CORBA interface.

The new file manager will be based on Bonobo components, so you'll be
able to embed file manager views in any application.  The Eye of Gnome
image viewer will very likely make use of this functionality.


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