Re: Email library/API

On Mon, 8 Nov 1999, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> > Please mean only the good features of Outlook. :)
> > Is it going to be monolithic like outlook or is it going to be
> > modular?
> it is going to be a collection of Bonobo components, so modular.
> > Outlook is a beast because of how monolithic it is. It is far to
> > large for an email client.
> Strangely as it seems, Outlook is highly modular, the most modular
> mail client I have ever seen, btw.

Modular in the sence that you can use the different parts from different
programs, or that you can choose not to load or replace parts of it?
>From What I have seen of outlook, you have to install the whole beast, but
it can be used from external progrms.

> If you have Visual Studio you can browse all the components that make
> up Outlook and you can reuse those in your own applications.  We were
> playing with those the other day, very nice stuff there.
> Miguel.

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