Re: Gdk-pixbuf savers? said:
> You would still be missing
> 	- gamma information
> 	- comments
> 	- ICC profiles
> 	- yada yada
> all of which are supported by PNG.  This is why you should use the
> image library yourself. 

For the majority of the people who just want to output RGB[A] data into
a compressed image format, none of that matters.  They are free to call
the low level libraries specific to their image format if they choose, but
that would mean learning a different API for EVERY single image format.

With a simplified saving API which has documented named arguments they just
have to learn it once and not worry about all the image format libraries.
The extra code which would be required is minimal, and if
the saving modules are dynamically loaded as needed there really is no
bloat for freaks who think they can actually do color calibration by
passing the PNG libs a gamma value.

Dr Mike

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