Re: Gdk-pixbuf savers?

I've just had an idea,

This could be implemented as an extension to the printing capabilities
(this is just a concept, I haven't looked into printing yet so I'm not
sure how feasible this currently is). To print something you need to
about the data coming in (the printee) and the data going out to the
printer. There have to be several rasterizers for different printers
(ps being a specific one) and each of these rasterizers needs more
information than is available from the data. They need to know about
darkness adjustments, size adjustments, color depth adjustments...

 All this info comes from somewhere (usually a dialog, whose prefs get
saved). So how is saving to an image file different? You have some data
coming in (this should really be ANY Gtk* widget) and you know how to
display that data since it is probably on your screen already. Then you
have a specific rasterizer for each type of image format. It has extra
data just like a printer, and this data can be saved according to how
each user sets up their 'printers'.

  You should then have global printers settings and user printers
that are all controlled by the gone configuration tool. So an app just
says, "I want to print this GtkObject which happens to be a pixbuf",
"I want to print it to a file of type gif located at /foo/bar.gif" ,
The printer then decides to use transparency, and super-cool(tm)
based on your settings,and out comes the image.

Then there is never a need for any specific savers for anything!

open floodgates, release "this isn't possible talk", now.


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