Re: 3D scene graph library

 Yes definitely yes, and please add some python bindings :)

 A simple application would be any app that needs to draw Mathematica 
Quality stuff! I am a math guy so I always think about Mathematica!

 These wre my 21/3 cents worth!

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On 11/9/99, 6:10:53 PM, Lauris Kaplinski <> wrote 
regarding 3D scene graph library:

> Hello

> I've been playing with OpenGL to learn it for some weeks. As a
> result, I've done a framework for general 3D scene graph library. It
> something similar in spirit to ssg (from plib), and GnomeCanvas. Uses 
> type system and OpenGL. It is very spartan yet, but shows some signs 
> become usable.

> Now I have three questions:

> - has anybody done / doing / planning to do something similar in C / 
> - does anybody find something like this usable for GNOME
> - does anybody have ideas / suggestions for developing / rewriting 

> I'll be very glad, if somebody would take a look at this and give me 
> feedback. Header files have some comments, only reasonable executable 
> generates is 3D Pacman skeleton.

> It can be found at:


> Lauris Kaplinski

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