A suggestion


 Well maybe this is a no-mail. I mean that maybe this has already been 
addressed but I haven't found anything about it yet!

 Anyway, it's about docbook!

 I discovered sgml a few weeks ago when I wanted to start writing doc 
for a small app I have, and then discovered docbook a week ago through 
the book advertising!

 The problem is that if you just want to write doc, the learning curve 
is still steep at least for me. However I think this will be true (of 
not already) for anyone (user) who might want to contribute docs to gnome.

 On the other hand, I found that gnotepad+ was excellent for simple 
html pages. So I wondered if it would be easy to make it write 
sgml/docbook pages. 

 If the answer is yes, then I am sure someone with very good 
C/whatever experience and gnome/sgml/docbook experience would be able 
to add this capability to gnotepad+ easily, and it would help clueless 
people like me write good documentation in no time.

 Templates are good when they are simple like the one I have in 
sgml-docs or gnome-devel-docs but are never enough to do anything 
half-seriously, which is why I suggested this.

 Now if this has been addressed, then please pardon me (I keep saying 
this too much lately).

 As a final note, I really am talking about a good What-you-see... a 
la lyx or Klyx or gnotepad+ etc....

 Thank you for your time

H. Aurag

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