Re: A suggestion

Hassan Aurag wrote:
>  Hi,
>  Well maybe this is a no-mail. I mean that maybe this has already been
> addressed but I haven't found anything about it yet!
>  Anyway, it's about docbook!
>  I discovered sgml a few weeks ago when I wanted to start writing doc
> for a small app I have, and then discovered docbook a week ago through
> the book advertising!
>  The problem is that if you just want to write doc, the learning curve
> is still steep at least for me. However I think this will be true (of
> not already) for anyone (user) who might want to contribute docs to gnome.
>  On the other hand, I found that gnotepad+ was excellent for simple
> html pages. So I wondered if it would be easy to make it write
> sgml/docbook pages.
>  If the answer is yes, then I am sure someone with very good
> C/whatever experience and gnome/sgml/docbook experience would be able
> to add this capability to gnotepad+ easily, and it would help clueless
> people like me write good documentation in no time.
>  Templates are good when they are simple like the one I have in
> sgml-docs or gnome-devel-docs but are never enough to do anything
> half-seriously, which is why I suggested this.
>  Now if this has been addressed, then please pardon me (I keep saying
> this too much lately).
>  As a final note, I really am talking about a good What-you-see... a
> la lyx or Klyx or gnotepad+ etc....
>  Thank you for your time
> H. Aurag

Well, actually Lyx has a docbook mode (well, Linuxdoc, but it works the
same). You do a "New from Template", select your filename & hit OK, then
select the linuxdoctemplate.lyx from the list.

>From then on, the linuxdoc element types are available from the style

You can then use sgml2html to convert your docs. We're using this at
work and it works really well.

On a related note - is there any work underway to do a Gnomeified Lyx?
The K guys have one, and I think we should have one too. Either that, or
do something with GWP to support DocBook.

Colin Fox

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