Re: Threads, GNOME, and auto*

On Tue, 23 Nov 1999, Evan Martin wrote:
> My problem is encountered when trying to auto(make, conf, etc) my program:
> How do I properly add the extra "--libs"?  I don't really understand how
> the auto* system works, and I don't really *want* to figure it out by
> myself.

The thing to do here is add AM_PATH_GLIB(1.2.0,,,gthread) to your (I think that's right, look at the comments at the top of
prefix/share/aclocal/glib.m4 for gruesome details). This will check for
glib and call glib-config with the "gthread" module argument. Then you add
GLIB_LIBS to your link line in your
> (As a side note: this whole system seems rather complicated.  HP's
> excellent "GTK+ / Gnome Application Development" is a lifesaver, but I
> feel like I'm just typing stuff in, without actually understanding it.)

Almost everyone feels that way with auto*; basically automake does all
kinds of weird Perl-script magic and you should just trust it. :-)

Rumor has it that a whole book on auto* is coming out though...

> And now that I consider everything: must I even call g_thread_init()?

Yep, if multiple threads will touch glib/gtk.


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