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On Wed, 24 Nov 1999 wrote:

> > While we're at it, it would be nice to have a GNOME-wide "busy" cursor etc.  
> > That
> > way, we can add code to the mouse-properties-capplet to set the cursor.
> Possibly it could be the start to a GNOME theme, combine GTk themes, mouse
> pointers, backgrounds and sounds. 
> Maybe even try to convince GNOME compliant windowmanagers to use the users
> cursors instead of the standard ones. 

I see a GNOME theme including:

* GTK theme
* fonts
* color scheme
* mouse pointers/cursors
* backgrounds
* sounds
* icon set for GMC/new filemanager

A bit like a Windows-9X desktop theme, I suppose.
For example, a GTK theme may set fonts and colors, but
I think the user should be able to overide these. In doing
so, he is actually creating his own custom GNOME theme,
which can be saved.

I would also like the ability for the user to overide
scrollbar configuration, including:

* left or right location
* width
* minimum size

The above three points are (IMHO) major UI issues. Scroll
bars which are too thin, or too small (in a large document)
are very fiddly and difficult to use. Cf: NeXt scrollbars.

I know a lot of these things can already be done, its just a matter
of coming up with some sort of standard, and coming
up with a GNOME theme capplet, with each of
categories mentioned above as a separate tab (based on
the new GNOME control center design).

Would anybody else love to see this?


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