Re: Cursors

Alastair B Roberts wrote:
> * icon set for GMC/new filemanager

(I know this belongs on the UI list, but it was mentioned here.) I suggested
to Matthias Warkus (who manages the Gnome icons) on the Gnotices pages that
Gnome could use 'alternate icon sets' or 'icon themes'.  Of course we all like
the 'Tigert theme' Gnome started with, and I'm not suggesting we abandon it as
the default icon theme.  But there are some Gtk themes that just don't work
well with the current icons.  Imagine a Gtk theme that uses bright colors,
like a high-tech, neon look.  Tigert's artwork has a very distinctive drab and
almost rustic look, and would appear out of place.

Of course, as Matthias told me, we need to worry about getting the current
icon set completed.  But I just thought I'd mention it again somewhere else.


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