Re: themeball categories (was Re: Cursors)

>Let's say we have these categories:
>    Metallic
>    Neon
>    Dark
>    Light
>    SciFi
>    Animae
>    Earthy
>and all the Gnome themeballs and all the Gnome compliant applications' themes
>fit into them.  Now my Gnome-compliant application, foobarwm, which comes with
>all sorts of themes (categorized the same way), can see that the selected
>category is "Neon".  If the Gnome themeball has nothing for foobarwm, foobarwm
>chooses something from its own "Neon" category.
>Does this make sense?

You would have to add new categories as new themes are created - eg in 5 years
when everyone wants to use a "plaid" theme :) I don't think you'll ever come
up with a short list of categories that describes all themes usefully.
Although you could get two out of three.  :)

Michael Rogers

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