themeball categories (was Re: Cursors)

Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> The first problem is that nobody has actually sat down and specified
> what a "full theme" means.
> If we can write this down, I am sure we can get this deployed easily.

Suggestion:  For Gnome-compliant applications that have their own themes (for
example, some window managers), we could put the Gnome themeballs into major
categories according to their look and feel.  And the Gnome-compliant app
would do the same with its themes.

Now, if the Gnome themeball contains no specification for the (Gnome-compliant
and themable) app, there is AT LEAST a variable somewhere (environment
variable?) that says what the current Gnome themeball _category_ is.  There is
then the ability for the app to set its theme according to the category.

Let's say we have these categories:


and all the Gnome themeballs and all the Gnome compliant applications' themes
fit into them.  Now my Gnome-compliant application, foobarwm, which comes with
all sorts of themes (categorized the same way), can see that the selected
category is "Neon".  If the Gnome themeball has nothing for foobarwm, foobarwm
chooses something from its own "Neon" category.

Does this make sense?


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