Re: Conditionals in autoconf/make

>>>>> "John" == John R Sheets <> writes:

John> <>
John> bin_PROGRAMS = anvil
John> anvil_SOURCES = $(GNOME_1_X_SOURCES) <etc...>

John> It works fine if I put "gnome-canvas-pixbuf.c" directly into
John> anvil_SOURCES, but ignores it when I put it in as
John> $(GNOME_1_X_SOURCES).  Is this something goofy with automake?

No.  You can't have a configure substitution in a _SOURCES variable.
The next automake will warn about this.

John> Am I going about this in the wrong way?  It seems like this is
John> something that would have come up before.  What's the officially
John> encouraged way?  I did notice AM_CONDITIONAL, but that looks
John> more geared towards command-line configure options.

AM_CONDITIONAL is the best way.


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