Re: Gnome panel and configuration system

Antonio Campos wrote:
> I was thinking the other day how to minimize some efforts that are being
> put in gnome and linux in general, and I came to some ideas I want to share.
> Why have a menu editor in the panel? I think the correct way to go is
> letting gmc make a lot of the hard work for the applications. I mean
> that the menues should be only entries in a directory, and the submenues
> or icons only have to be directories or applications links into these
> directories (the way Microsoft does it with Windows). So, when an user
> wants to add or delete a menu entry, the only thing to need to do is to
> edit he directory structure through gmc. If you want to modify the
> menues, simply start gmc into the directory that holds the menues
> structure (example: .gnome/panel/menues).
> That way, the menu editor application simply doesn't need to exist, all
> the work is done by gmc.

Well, actually I think you'll find that it IS a directory structure. I
often edit it by hand myself.

Take a look in /usr/local/share/gnome/apps . This is where all of mine
are (I suppose the RPM release versions and tarball development version
go into slightly different directories - The dev versions use local,

But as for user editing, I think it's *much* easier to fire up a config
panel and select "Screensaver" or whatever than it is to try and figure
out which directory it would be in. Especially for a newbie. A UNIX user
would know to do something like "find /usr/local -type f -exec grep -li
screensaver {} \;" but that's not very obvious to the beginner.

Colin Fox

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