Re: RFC: Gnome-themes

On Tue, 30 Nov 1999 wrote:
> The major sticky point comes with window manager themes. A decision needs to be
> made, and I don't want to be the person who makes it. We obviously can't provide
> themes for every different window manager, as the size of the tarball could
> become huge - the average E theme seems to be around the 500K mark, so someone
> who uses say Windowmaker might get a bit annoyed at having to download a theme
> for E, and a theme for Sawmill, and so on.

There are two solutions to this:
 - declare that we don't care, and let people download a big theme
 - encourage people to make their themes available for a specific WM,
   for example a "Gnome/Sawmill" theme or "Gnome/E" theme.

> 1: Standardise on one GNOME window manager. Get it so that it is fully GNOME
> compliant and perfect, and include the themes for that.

We're likely to "semi-standardize" I think, and encourage people to use
Sawmill because John Harper is making Gnome a major design goal of his WM.
Of course this could change before we get around to it. However we still
want to support other window managers, if we pick one it will be
"recommended" not required.

> 2: Write our own "Window manager" theme and then either have the GNOME WM spec
> specify that a GNOME compliant WM has to be able to use our theme, or have some
> way of converting from our theme to different window managers.

Either impossible or Very Hard I think.


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