Re: RFC: Gnome-themes

> The major sticky point comes with window manager themes. A decision

	The way I see it, a "theme" is just a collection of backgrounds,
images (icons, widget/window graphics, pointers), sounds, and rules of WM

	How about a smart installer that "knows" about several different
WMs, and puts the files in the appropriate place for each?

> 1: Standardise on one GNOME window manager. Get it so that it is fully GNOME
> compliant and perfect, and include the themes for that.

	Enough of this heresy!   (Personally, I think this is the way it
ought to be done.  Trying to separate the WM from an X-based desktop
environment makes no sense to me)

> 3: Keep it the way we are at the moment (ie, non-WM-specific) and not include
> anything.

	This is probably the best for now, see below.

> My personal choice would be choice 1.

	This discussion has been had already.  I agree, but the project
leaders (and a large percentage of Gnome developers) won't hear it.

> I think thats everything, I've probably forgotten something, but
> please send your comments.

	My prediction is this: Somebody, eventually, will develop a window
manager that works well with Gnome.  It will be fast and lightweight, will
be based on Gtk+, will have some cool E features (translucent moves and
such), will not conflict with the existing Gnome UI (i.e., no overlapping
Wharf, Task List, Pager, minimized window icons, etc.), will have some
cool minimization animations, and that will be it.  It will be "Gnome
Compliant", and will become the default WM shipped with Gnome, and the
vast majority of people will use it as their Gnome WM.

	Then, shipping a "Gnome Theme" will basically be a theme for this
WM.  All the rest of the WM's will continue to have their own themes, and
will continue to have features which do not work well with Gnome.

	In short: get to work on such a window manager, and worry about
themes later :).


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